Leisure cycling

Leisure cycling in Austria’s sunny south

Carinthia is a paradise for all leisure cyclists. A signposted cycle path network of a total of 1,300 km along the rivers, around the lakes and in the towns is at your disposal. If you prefer it even more leisurely, it’s easy to manage the sometimes demanding tours with an eBike.

Routes such as the ADFC five-star certified Drauradweg cycle path, the Via Carinzia in the sunny corner of Carinthia, the Five Lake Tour or the Alpe-Adria-Radweg, which leads from Salzburg via Carinthia to the Adriatic Sea, guarantee intense experiences amidst stunning mountain and lake landscapes. 

And also speaking in the favour of the cycling province of Carinthia (aside from the mild climate and the many hours of sunshine), are the numerous cycle partner establishments which make it possible for bikers to fully experience the “Joy of Living” holiday feeling and offer a high standard of service and quality in their establishments. 

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